A Few Tricks and Treats for Your Home

Boo! Did I scare you? Maybe not but you may be tense, stressed and overwhelmed for reasons like the pandemic, election and change in the weather. Add our own personal ‘stuff’ and it is the making of a bone chilling spooky movie. Here are some Halloween tricks and treats.

Seasonal affective disorder starts with colder, shorter days causing winter blues. Fresh air, sunlight, Vitamin D improves our mood. Let the light in.

Halloween tricks and treats to make improvements in your home and life.  Photo Credit: Metro Creative Connections
Halloween tricks and treats to make improvements in your home and life.
Photo Credit: Metro Creative Connections

Routines and rituals help keep us grounded. Make time for self-care. Mindfulness activities can help destress. Tap into your creative side with art, music, writing or cooking.

Be in the moment focusing on what you are doing. Multi-tasking is unhealthy and can be dangerous. I am on blood thinners causing easy bruising and bleeding. After slicing veggies and my finger I had to run to an urgent care to stop the bleeding. I’ve learned to stay in the moment by slowing down. Prepping food is now a Zen experience.


Feng Shui

Feng Shui means wind and water (think flow). It is the Chinese practice of arranging a living space in order to create balance, energy and harmony. A functioning space  allowing you to live your best life is good Feng Shui.

The home has taken on more jobs this year. Review your house noticing red flags. Examples: The room no one sits in. Not wanting to have company. Can’t sleep, focus or work. Blocked windows and doorways. Uninviting spaces due to poor furniture placement. Overstuffed areas. Poor or nonexistent personal or professional relationships.

What to do? Address the issue. Take action steps to create change. Unblock, declutter, clean, organize, rearrange keeping the intention in mind. I have so many success stories of how simple changes in a room can generate positive changes in life.

Relationship success story: A client gave me a tour of her house. Her bed was shoved into the corner allowing only one person to access the bed. I asked her if she wanted to be in a relationship. She answered yes. I recommended moving the bed out of the corner and add a second nightstand. This is sending the universe a clear message: I am creating space to allow someone into my life. Happy to report she is in a loving, fun, successful long-term relationship. 


Energy Clearing

Energy is an intangible force that is characterized as either positive or negative. It is a vibe or feeling from a person or place. Some people, like myself, are sensitive to energy. Divorce, death, family tension and stress affect energy. Sometimes the energy is so heavy, it’s stifling. A house holds the energy of every person living in it, visits or who you come in contact with. Smudging clears the energy.


How to smudge

Be clear about setting your intention. Loose pieces of sage or sage bundle, a bowl to catch embers and something to light it is all you need. Keep a window open. Start by the front door and work clockwise. Go room to room, corner to corner, opening closets allowing the smoke to do its work. End by opening the front door allowing the negative energy to leave.



Your home is the center of your universe. If a chapter of your life is ending and a new one is beginning, whether a new job, relationship or moving, smudging is an energetic jump-start.