A Fond Farewell from Claudia’s Corner

The only thing that is constant is change and 2020 has been challenging. After running for 14 years, this is my final Claudia’s Corner column. What an amazing ride!


paper house in mans hands with magic flakes aroung it

It started with an inquiry to run a story.

As a brand-new business not missing an opportunity, I suggested the newspaper run a contest for a room redesign using only what the homeowners already own. Then editor, Karen Harris, loved the idea. There were 11 entries, we met in office and selected a winner.

Writer, Deb Botti, covered the story. I met with the homeowners to discuss my plan and shop the house. Competing focal points merged, furniture rearranged, living area styled with existing home décor. Heirlooms were honored instead of hiding. Homeowners were thrilled.

The story ran front cover of the Go Home section and centerfold spread. Yes! I can say I was a cover girl and centerfold! Harris asked me to write suggestions for each entry in the weeks to follow which evolved into Claudia’s Corner.

With 15 years in the business, I have learned most of us already have everything we need to love our home. It just needs fresh eyes and magic.

With staging, the goal is to peel back the layers to reveal the house for potential buyers to connect with. Once an emotional connection forms, the house is sold. It requires sweat equity by the homeowner to edit, clean, declutter and pack. Minimal remodeling for the best return on investment. The wow factor of making affordable changes with monetary gains is the winning formula. The Realtors I work ask for my magic for their sellers.

“Your design services and column has helped many of us turn a house into our home or prepared us to leave our home for what life has ahead,” says Janice Valentino, staging client I worked with to prepare their home for sale.

Readers have become clients and attended my classes. We’ve shared a cup of coffee or tea through print or online. You have inspired me just as much as I have you.

Lifestyle tips, design trends, client stories and future events will appear on this blog and social media.

There really is no place like home.

It is where we experience all that life presents us: the good, the bad and everything in between. It is where we seek comfort, learn, recover, heal and where seeds are planted for growth. It is the most important place in your world and represents who you are and who you want to be. Making changes to honor and respect your home is care for all who share it. Home is where the memories and magic happen.

My best advice:

love your home, create some magic and find joy in the story you’re living. With a grateful heart, I raise my cup of coffee. Cheers and thank you.