An occupied staging success story

How do you get the results you want? By coming up with a plan and implementing it. Wishing can work but magic happens when you set the intention with clarity by your actions. This can apply to anything but crucial when putting your home on the market.

The Stager (that’s me!)

An occupied staging is when the homeowner is residing in the house while it is on the market. As a professional stager, there is a fine line between offering advice and hurting feelings. My recommendations are how to get a large return on investment. Most of the time it is editing and rearranging to showcase the house. Financial investment can be minimal but every house is different. A well maintained home requires less refreshing. The best results require sweat equity by the seller.

The Seller

Margery Wadkins, formerly of Middletown, NY

I cannot tell you how pleased I was with the staging process. Having Claudia come and make suggestions for staging was extremely helpful, as I was getting ready to list my house. I believe the staging was key to getting my home sold within a week above listing price. It made all the difference in a quick, stress free sale.

The Realtor

Laurel Lustgarten, Better Homes and Garden Rand Realty

Internet marketing is the most effective way to market a home to the widest audience. Thousands of prospective buyers are choosing or eliminating a home before they call an agent. Even in the current market where inventory is slim some homes will sell and some will sit.

When I encourage a seller to hire a stager it is not a blanket term as need and budget are taken into consideration. There is not one home that will not benefit from some degree of staging. Some sellers need only do light staging which can be as simple as de-cluttering, eliminating and rearranging what they currently own to play up the best features of the home. Other homes need more extensive staging, which may include renting furniture, addressing paint or flooring, and purchasing accessories to complement the space.

I often quote Claudia when I use the phrase, “the way you live in a home is not the way you sell a home.” Staging results in the best online presentation and continues the positive experience a buyer has when they walk through the door. There is no denying that homes appealing to the largest audience will get the most activity and increase the odds for multiple offers. Margery followed every recommendation from her staging consultation as well as my suggestions prior to the photographer’s visit. We sold the home with five offers in the first week on the market!

Final thoughts to keep in mind

  • Cleanliness counts.
  • Professionally photographed listing photos are key.
  • No amount of staging will help an overpriced home.
  • Your house, once listed, is now a product and no longer your home. Over attachment to your house and negative energy can sabotage the sale. Remain positive.