And to All a Good Night of Sleep

The best gift you can give yourself is creating a bedroom that is the most comfortable room in your home. Your day starts and ends in the bedroom and in many homes, it is the most neglected room. Let’s focus on the components of the bed itself. Last column I focused on tasks to move forward in the New Year. One item was checking expiration dates in your pantry and spice rack. The task becomes simple because there is a date warning you of its freshness. Other household items a stamped date need to be accessed.



Yellow bed sheets and four pillows
Photo: Metro Creative Connection

Let’s start with pillows which are the least expensive to replace. Some experts recommend replacing pillows as frequently as every 1-2 years. The pillows used daily; I replace them once a year. Guest room pillows are used less frequently. To access condition, try the pillow test.

The Fold Test: Take your pillow and try folding in half. If it quickly bounces back into shape once you let go, you have more time with that pillow. If the pillow fails to return to its prior shape, it’s time to replace.

Inspect the surface: Yellow stains are the result of body oils, dead skin and dust mites building up over time. Consider that your expiration date in pillow world.

Sniff Test: If the pillow has an odor, that is bacteria build-up and not healthy.

Sleep quality test: Do you wake up with a sore neck or headaches? Are you struggling to find a comfortable sleeping position with your pillow? I just purchased new pillows for my own bed and my sleep has improved greatly. Cost of 2 bamboo king size pillows: $20. Well worth the investment.



Sheets are a matter of personal taste. Last year my favorite sheets fell apart. It was a sad day and I know I paid less than $100 on them. I searched, invested in high thread count and still waiting to love my new ones. Sheets soften up over time. Besides thread count, good quality 100% Egyptian cotton or Pima are important. I like cool, crisp yet soft. Others like warm like flannel, which I find too textural. Research and check reviews before investing in expensive sheets. Take advantage of January white sales for all bedding.


Making the bed

Some like a tightly tucked flat sheet while others prefer loose. The top flat sheet should be place upside down to create a cuff to fold down, finished hem/print side up. It is my own personal pet peeve when it’s not cuffed properly. I don’t want to see the wrong side of the sheet when I get into bed and fold the sheet over the comforter. And that’s my point. We all have stress we deal with on a daily basis. The one thing we can control is our own personal space. If I can release the day by crawling into my comfortable bed that I created with soft sheets and supportive pillows with the intention of a good night’s sleep, that is priceless. We all deserve that. Set the intention, create the space and have a good night.