Basement Redesign, before and after!


Family of 6 needed to improve space planning of basement. With 4 kids and a very active basement & laundry room, mom wanted to create a more functioning space.

Cluttered Basement!


Rearrange furniture and create multiple functioning zones. It went from scattered chaos to controlled activity areas. It only took 1 hour to rearrange everything to create the following zones:

  1. Game station area with TV
  2. Pool/game table area
  3. Guest room area or quiet spot to get away from play areas
  4. Cozy TV viewing area
Cluttered Basement After!
Cluttered Basement After!

When this home went on the market, it was the basement arrangement that sold the house. The new owners could see their kids hanging out in the basement. All it takes is one special area to emotionally connect to a buyer to get the house sold. In this case, it was the basement.