Before and After Home Staging

Before and After Home Staging

“After being on the market for 2 years, why isn’t my house selling?”

While on the phone sensing the frustration in her voice, I listened and knew before asking for the address to view the listing what the problem was. The online photos.

The sellers have a lovely home that is well maintained and immaculate. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with the home. The problem is that is there is a disconnection between who is living in the home now and who the target market is.

When this home was purchased about 25 years ago, it was to create a home to raise a family. The current owners are about to retire and relocate South. This home needs to be marketed to who they were 25 years ago.

Kitchen Staging, Before and After, View 1
Kitchen Staging Before and After, View 2
Before and After Basement

Staged it and took new listing photos. This did not need a major overhaul.

Edit a few items with in each room.
Rearrange the furniture in the basement.
Bring in 2 parsons chairs for the kitchen to replace the bulky existing chairs.
Car filled with decorative accessories to set the stage for new photos to appeal to the target market.
Take and edit new listing photos.

2 hours on site
1 hour to edit photos & send to Realtor & homeowner

The cost of staging is less than the first price reduction.

If you have a listless listing, call for staging help. Staging bridges the generation gap

Interior Design & Home Staging as a career!

Interior Design and Home Staging as a Career

Claudia Jacobs of Claudia Jacobs Designs visited students in Janice Marsiglio’s Interior Design class at Goshen High School to discuss her career as an interior designer.

In addition to interior design, Jacobs specializes in real estate staging where she rearranges living spaces to help a home sale. Her design philosophy includes utilizing and enhancing your existing space to meet your design needs. “Our own personal space is something we create so we can make it beautiful and make it feel good,” she told students.

Jacobs showed a presentation that included some of her favorite redesigns by other designers as well as herself. She discussed current design trends and how to liven up a room with easy tweaks and updates as well as higher end remodels.

Read article online on the Goshen Central School Districts website. Click here.