Clearing the Energy of your Home!


Start the New Year fresh by clearing the energy of your home!

Saging, also known as smudging, is something I do a few times a year, especially for the New Year. It clears the energy of the house. Let’s face it; we all have good days and bad days. So does every person who lives in or enters your home and every person you come in contact with. Each person carries energy and leaves a trail that remains in your home.

It really is a very simple process that makes a huge difference on how your home feels. I work in many homes and most homes feel good. A home can also make me feel anxious or uncomfortable and it has nothing to do with how a home looks. Divorce, death and every day family tension add to the layers of energy a home holds. Sometimes the energy of a home is so thick, it’s palpable.

Be clear about setting your intention. A few loose pieces of sage or a sage bundle, a bowl to catch embers and something to light it is all you need. Keep doors and windows closed. Start by the front door and work clockwise. I keep it simple by going through the home, room by room, corner to corner, opening closets and letting the smoke do it’s work. I end by opening the front door to allow the negative energy to leave.

Pay attention to wear the smoke is excessive. Closets tend to hold a lot of negative energy. We wash our clothes but we don’t wash our shoes, coats, handbags, etc. Energy can get stuck there. A kitchen, the heart of the home, is another spot that holds a lot of energy.

When moving into a new home or renting a new place, it is a good idea to sage and smudge before you move in. Another important time to smudge is if a chapter of your life is ending and a new one is beginning, whether it is a new job or new relationship. Think of it as an energetic jump-start for this new beginning. After all, your own personal space, your home, is the center of your universe.

Saging is something I have written about over the years and share with many clients. On occasion I have cleared the energy of their home by saging it after I staged their home for sale. In every case, the client will share with me how they feel a difference. Recently I staged a client’s home and then saged it. She said that when she returned after the saging, her home felt lighter and clearer. She used to feel like she was walking into a thick wall upon entering her home.

Want more information on this and what I call the House-Life Connection? You may be interested in an upcoming class on this topic at the Mount Saint Mary Desmond Campus for Adult Enrichment on Albany Post Road in Newburgh. Check out the events page for more details of upcoming classes. For more information contact the campus at 845-565-2076. Find out how simple changes in your home can directly have an impact on your life. We will also cover Feng Shui.