Creating a Cheery, Less Weary Holiday Season

The month of December brings joy, excitement and a lot of stress. As I write this I’m all packed up waiting to move so this month will be spent unpacking. Moving and the holidays equates to an overwhelming sense of chaos.

Here are some helpful tips for to make the season less weary and more cheery.

“Host a potluck dinner. Start a Secret Santa for the adults. We only buy one gift to exchange, instead of buying for everyone.” – Carmela Decker

Photos from Metro Creative
Photos from Metro Creative

“Pick one holiday chore and remove it from your list. Last year, I decided to not send out 120 Christmas cards to our families and friend. Guess what! The world did not stop spinning and my guess is that nobody noticed. We take on so many traditions and then years later we become overwhelmed and resentful. Focus on the positive aspects of why we are celebrating whatever it is your celebrate. Be happy and peaceful.” – Debbie Matyus

“Family and friends have gravitated to giving only consumables as gifts: maple syrup, handmade soaps, gourmet coffee/teas, homemade spiced nuts or truffles, corny cocktail napkins, etc. Give NOTHING that will need a permanent home on a shelf or in a drawer. Ban boxes and bags, just tie with a ribbon,” –Eileen Bach

“Christmas is about being together and having a good time. We always have at least one new board or card game for Christmas to play.” –Sonya Pedigo


My holiday plan

As far as sending out cards, I was going to send out two sets, one for the holidays and one for my new address. That’s not happening. The reality is I will be busy unpacking and settling in to make my new house a home. What I will do is send out Happy New Year cards with my new address to family and friends.

Less is more for sure. The process of touching and accessing every item in your home to move is daunting. Many gifts have sat in a closet unused. If you want or need something, ask for it. A group I belong to does an online Secret Santa. This is the second year I am participating. You can make a wish list and your Secret Santa can get you exactly what you want. Last year I asked for a George Foreman grill, which I use regularly.

Photos from Metro Creative
Photos from Metro Creative

On Christmas day, I make a nice brunch then we bring in sushi for dinner. A new relaxing tradition we all enjoy.

When my kids were younger, we spent the week after Christmas baking and decorating cookies. There is less stress at a slower pace while spending precious time together. We now do this on Christmas since we are relaxing at home.

Embrace the concept of the after holiday party. December is packed with events, parties, and celebrations, that gets exhausting. Wouldn’t it be nice if these were held after the holidays when it slows down a bit.

My house will be minimally decorated for Christmas and that is ok. Create your own traditions and switch it up to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle.