Creature of New Habits

Once upon a time, 2 months ago, I would make a grocery list and shop once a week. Now I am shopping minimally, maybe once a month. My new normal will be mindful shopping with less frequency.

Last column I wrote about scrap gardening. After making a mini romaine salad from what I grew, I scrapped growing romaine lettuce. Moving forward, I will always have scallions growing on the kitchen counter. Scallions are a quick, easy grow and less finicky. Only requirement is to change the water regularly. Another tip is to keep parsley and cilantro in a container of water in the refrigerator. A bouquet of herbs greats you upon opening. Basil is best kept on the counter.

Raiding the pantry and freezer for inspiration to use what I have and substituting when possible. Creative cooking can be fun. Don’t limit ‘use up what you have’ to just the kitchen. Discover all those personal care products and mini stockpile of little sample and travel size items. It definitely lightens the load.


Women on a couch watching tv with the remote in her hand
There is no place like home especially binge watching your favorite television shows.
Photo Credit: Metro Creative Connection

New Habits

On television, we get a glimpse into celebrity homes instead of a studio. The authenticity of Rachel Ray cooking in her own kitchen without makeup is so refreshing. There is nothing less perfect than cooking at home in the kitchen.

Combing through closets and cabinets with a weekly flow of items to add to the donation pile. If you have suggestions of places to donate, email I’ll share the list in this column once donation locations open up.


Reevaluating a Room

With all this time at home, I have rearranged my living room furniture multiple times. Here is a tip to access a room: take a photo of it. When you view the room from a photo, you see it with fresh eyes. It gets you physically out of the space, which you are acclimated with, and allows you to be objective. Compare it to when you see a photo of yourself and think, “is this what I look like?” It is eye opening.


Mother’s Day Diary

A hand holding a slice of a PB & J Sandwich
The simplicity of enjoying a peanut butter sandwich can be quite comforting. Photo credit: Metro Creative Connection

With my parent’s on lockdown in their senior living community and my kids living in Brooklyn, this was a unique Mother’s Day. Thanks to technology, we are never alone even when we are.

Instead of a homemade champagne brunch, I asked myself what I really wanted to eat. My craving was for peanut butter on toast and all things nostalgic like watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show. It feels comforting.

I googled ‘How to cut your own bangs’ and ‘How to unclog a bathroom sink drain’. Accomplished both before noon. I’ve become the reluctant do it yourselfer.

There was a socially distant wine on the porch with my neighbor and a delicious dinner that I prepared. My neighbor and I occasionally ‘share’ a meal either collaborated where I will make the sides and she will make the main entrée or vice versa. We don’t eat together but it does make one feel less isolated.

All of this is temporary. We will celebrate the milestones once we get past this. In the meantime, enjoy that peanut butter sandwich.