Feng Shui: Change your space, change your life

Feng Shui literally means Wind Water. Wind represents the energy we cannot see but can feel. Water represents the energy in our physical spaces we can see.

Feng Shui is based on principles based on the cycles of nature that have transcended various cultures for over four thousand years empowering people to facilitate changes in their lives. It creates balance in our lives as we connect to our environment, supporting us to shift, evolve and grow.

Our life is reflected in our space, to make sustainable changes in our lives we set our intention in our physical space creating anchors and support for change.

Lois Kramer Perez, a Feng Shui expert says, “Feng Shui is all about YOU! It helps us let go of judging

Sitting at our desk with our backs to a solid wall makes us feel safe and supported. METRO GRAPHICS PHOTO
Sitting at our desk with our backs to a solid wall makes us feel safe and supported. METRO GRAPHICS PHOTO

ourselves. When we begin to let go, whether in our mind or our space, it gives an opening for new beginnings, ideas and opportunities to come into our life. Managing our “stuff” aka “clutter” helps create that opening.”

There are basic principles that Feng Shui offers us to create our sense of balance and eliminate distraction, allowing us to be clear, focused and productive. When we tap into these concepts, we build a solid foundation to open our awareness and operate in a more positive and abundant way.


Tips from Lois Kramer Perez:

Always Have Your Back Supported

It is important to have our backs supported with a clear view of an entrance. This includes sitting at our desks with our back to a solid wall, in a high back chair to feel safe and supported. If our back is to an open door, our central nervous system is not supported, we feel distracted or that something is coming but not able to see it. With our back visible to the world we give the impression we are not available, or open to new opportunities.

Support for Sleeping

Getting a good night’s sleep is key for vibrant health. Sleeping in with a solid headboard placed against a wall and an easy view of the door makes us feel safe and secure. Create a lovely sanctuary in your bedroom; minimize electronics, work-related items and chaos.

Firsts Always Fabulous

What we see is what we become, so let us be mindful of what we see and how we feel. The first thing we see when we open our eyes in the morning sets our tone for the day. When and how we enter our home should feel nurturing and uplifting. Sitting at our desks, we should feel productive and inspired.

Revel in Romance

When looking for a new relationship or to ignite a current relationship, take note of what our space is saying. Is there room for another, to sit, to put their personal items, to sleep? Create a sense of “Two”, a place that is welcoming for the ideal relationship for you.

Love Everything In Your Space

You are the judge of what is good for you: if it feels good, it is good. Learn to trust your inner compass. Eliminate the items that are no longer serving you. As you remove items in your space that are creating obstacles, you will open your awareness for the new opportunities awaiting you. As you begin to make changes in your space you begin to make changes in your life.

Lois Kramer Perez, C.Ht.


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