Have you caught the ‘almost Spring fever’

The official day of spring is March 20 but as I write this on a warm day of 70’s in February, Yes It just snowed the other day. Yes the temperatures will drop again and we will get ice or snow. But getting this close and feeling this warm is close enough! I officially caught spring fever and so had the Spring Real Estate market.

My own Mission Organization continues with my third pick up with a Veteran’s Organization. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Newburgh has received quite a few donations with more to come. It is a never-ending task but every step, including baby steps, can clear out the clutter. If you don’t need or want it, why hold onto it?


A situation I come across repeatedly is the downsizing couple that has years of accumulation and they don’t know where to start the process of letting go. One of the attendees of my ‘Staging Tips for Sellers’ class said; “I don’t want to leave all of this for my children to deal with”. The whole class had an emotional reaction. If you let it go, your house will not only show better, it will feel better. The weight will be lifted to enjoy your home while you’re living with it and not have to wait the last minute of moving out. You really can’t take it all with you.

The Estate Sale

“I find people who do not know what to do when someone passes away. They typically have a full house and want to put the house on the market. The executors know the house has to be emptied or their Realtor has told them to remove the items for pictures before the house can be listed. I look for houses that need liquidations (hoarders or pack rats). I have done sales within a weeks notice because the house sold and needed to be cleared out”. – Jared Ruscher Estate Sales and Services. 845-597-4696

Spring Cleaning

Once surfaces have been cleared and rooms have lightened up, the deep spring-cleaning begins. While putting silverware away, I noticed how worn my set looked. As I emptied the drawer to clean it out I thought how I should replace it with a new set. This is something that gets used on a daily basis so I should enjoy it. But wait! I have my grandmother’s silverware set that only comes out for the holidays. What better way to honor Grandma’s memory than enjoying her beautiful silverware set? Stop and think, do I have something that I can be using tucked away? Bring it out and let is shine.

A facial for you house

Part of my spring-cleaning ritual is to schedule a professional window cleaning company for my windows and power wash my outdoor furniture. They go where you just can’t get to safely and are quite affordable. “While most home improvement projects can cost thousands of dollars, a few hundred dollars or a day’s effort can completely transform the look and feel of every room in your home”. – Jim Wagner, Estate Window Cleaning, 845-987-1111

Climate changes

Let the warm days motivate you. Let the cold days keep you hibernating but task oriented. Tackle a drawer, a closet or a room. Every step gets you closer to lightening up. Paying it forward by donating unwanted items could help you move forward.