Landscape with good bones

Attractive landscapes need good bones. Look around your neighborhood to notice what this means. The hardscape of good-looking properties is well designed and developed with natural landscape to enhance it.

“Outdoors living areas and swimming pools are known as “The Bones” of a landscape. Without good bones, it is difficult to have a functional outdoor space”, says Craig Pelsue, a Landscape Designer for over 30 years in the Hudson Valley. Pelsue is also a Realtor at John J. Lease Realtors in Newburgh, NY. His company, Outscapes specializes in creating dynamic landscapes. Working with clients in Real Estate is very similar to working with clients that are building their dream landscapes.

Here’s the simple breakdown:

retaining wall with steps and flowers

Start with a realistic plan. Find someone that knows what questions to ask and listens to the answers you provide. It should be more of an assessment based on realistic end goals that involves wants, needs and budget.

Before you start is the best time to find out if your expectations cannot be met within your budget. Hiring a professional designer should help you understand exactly what you are getting and how much it will cost.

The Do It Yourself clients will work on implementing the design plan themselves. All they need is a site plan with a materials list. Other clients want full color renderings and a list of landscapers to do the project.

Most important in the landscape is getting the bones right because they are typically more permanent. Hardscape, the bones, consists of the three dimensional form of the property. Patios, walkways, retaining wall, drainage, swimming pools, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and other landscape elements require someone with experience and knowledge especially if you are working within a budget. These items are not something you want to do twice.

Softscaping adds texture by layering different types of plants to create an interesting mix while ensuring something is always blooming. Unlike hardscaping, this can be accessed every year to review what plants thrived last season.

A non-biased consultant or designer can help save money on a project. Careful calculation of materials and sizing of features can make a big difference in the final budget tally. This will also help with planning your project with multiple stages and timelines.

Pelsue says, “Consultations start at as little as $350. A complete design plan could save thousands of dollars on landscape and provide years of enjoyment. Also consider the resale value when you decide to move. When a potential buyer sees a home that has been well maintained and enjoyed, it helps create an emotional connection that leads to a sale.”

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