Many Notes to Self While Downsizing

Did you ever have full conversations in your head where you ask questions and answer them? This is what happens on a daily basis when you prepare to move.

Random thoughts, questions and plans pop into my head constantly, sometimes at 2am. Insomnia is my new nightly habit and I am thrilled, excited, stressed, overwhelmed all at the same time, 27/7. It is a lot to deal with.

Besides being in a constant state of deciding what will move with you and what to get rid of, there is this new vision of the life you want to have once you move. It is hopeful, simplified and filled with less stuff.


Notes to myself:

Do not buy any more black tops. In fact, stop buying clothes. You are about to touch every article of clothing you own and will review as you go. You have enough. Really you do.

Hold on to the art supplies. Make that a priority once you settle in to tap back into the artist in you.

Confession: I don’t make my bed everyday. Since my house is on the market. I make my bed everyday. I like it. Keep doing it.

Before I bring another new item into the new house, think about all of the new items I never used that didn’t make the cut to keep. Think before you buy.

Stop listening to other people telling you what to get rid of. It is your house. You get to decide but be honest with yourself. You really can’t and should not take it all with you. Hold onto that vision of what the new house will look like.

Don’t throw out other people’s stuff unless they really don’t want it. This includes your kids. You’ll be surprised what they want to keep. If they have their own place, they need to take it with them.

Here is another reminder about those black tops. I mean it.


Help with showings

My house is lived in. Well, a few of the rooms anyway. I was never a fan of the guest towel concept. The towels that are hanging in each bathroom are used, until now. General announcement: do not use the towels hanging on the towel bar except in the half bath. The last thing I want to do is run around the house fixing and replacing towels before showings. They are showing ready at all times.

Make the bed daily. See above.


The desk in my office is always in a constant state of flux and I admit that I hate filing. My solution to keep everything together is to put it all in a laundry basket and take it with me in the car. It is filled with everything I need while hanging out with the dog for a showing. My car becomes my office.

Wipe down kitchen counter after use and remove trash regularly. Same thing goes for bathrooms. Do a towel check. Dust bust or vacuum before a showing right before a showing.

Remind yourself on a daily basis that you will get through this. All of this is temporary. Hold onto your vision.


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