Moving forward into the New Year

As 2019 comes to end, we prepare for new beginnings. The holiday hoopla is about to end then back to our routines. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, which adds more stress and pressure, let’s consider a manageable plan of action and a change in mindset.

Every step, even baby steps, are a move forward. Consider implementing small actions. Some are easy for instant satisfaction. Others are more time consuming.

Women reading a book by a roaring fire.

Change of mindset

Pre-Holiday schedules are packed with activities. Then, nothing. It just seems cold, dark and quiet. Let’s snap out of that mindset! I have moved major mountains of tasks when I’ve been snowed in. Create a list of things you want to get done. When your schedule freezes up, take out the list and start checking off items.


It’s Thyme

This is easy! Clean out your spices and pantry items. Check dates and discard all expired items and replace the items you actually use. If you have not done this task in years, you may be quite surprised of how ‘vintage’ your spices are.


Junk Drawer

Last year I moved and downsized. I was forced to deal with every nook and cranny of my former house. Honestly, I’m still going through boxes and purging. Start with the junk drawer and move on from there.


The Closet

Pick up and try on every item of clothing. Start with tops and then move to another category. Access by size, fit, condition and if it still reflects your style. Donate or consign. More on this in a future column.


Embracing Winter

person with sweater with a hot beverage infront of a fireplace.

Koselig is a Norwegian word that means a sense of coziness. Candlelight, the fireplace, warm beverages and snuggling under fluffy blankets will add to this feeling of relaxation while embracing winter weather. Battery operated candles are safe and quite realistic with flickering wicks.

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”) comes from Denmark and is more of a feeling than a thing. Hygge is a mood to slow down and appreciate the good things in life. It’s a quality of coziness and a feeling of contentment. It’s is finding joy in everyday moments. Denmark is always at the top of the list of the world’s happiest countries, despite their miserable winters. Flip the mindset, pour yourself a hot beverage and savor the experience.


It’s Good Enough

Over the last month I found myself saying this to multiple people in various situations, “Relax. It’s enough”. To the client prepping their house for sale or one making changes in their house to create a more functioning, enjoyable space, ‘enough!’ To the friend who is planning on entertaining in their home, ‘enough!’


Enough: a sufficient number, quantity or amount.

Thanks to social media, we can drive ourselves crazy trying to keep up with the beautiful images of perfect lives. Real life is not perfect. To achieve beauty, we may generate a hot mess along the way. Whether your personal style is ‘Less is More’ or ‘More is More’, embrace it and make it work. If you’re not comfortable, do what it takes to create a feeling of comfort and function in your home. You may have everything you need; it just needs editing and tweaking.

Wishing you the best for 2020. May you have enough.