Out with the old, in with the new

It is time for the last column of 2015, and I struggle with what to write about. It has been an extremely busy year, and I am trying to end it on a quiet note (explanation will follow). 

The year was filled with working with many clients, mostly preparing their home for sale. There were also a lot of vacant staging clients. This is where I bring in furniture and accessories to stage a house when the sellers have already moved out. I’m happy to report, they all sold. This month, four homes had to be emptied within four days. It was exhausting, and now I have lots of inventory to sort through.

Through networking and social events, I run into people who tell me they need me. Most will call after the holidays but for others, it will take longer. One woman even apologized for not getting back to me but I reassured her it was OK. The one thing I understand, you have to be ready for change, especially when it comes to your home. I also find myself saying to them, “My own home needs me, too.”

We get used to our homes being as is, and even though we want or need to make changes, we procrastinate. Most of the time it is because we are busy and it is easier not to deal with it. Plus we know, it is going to get messy before it gets better, and we are already exhausted. If you plan on selling your home, even in a few years, it is never too early to get started. You might as well enjoy your home while you are still living in it. We all should!

Quiet time


Call it a forced time-out or in my case, time-in. I kept my calendar clear and actually hibernated for a few days in my own home. There was napping and flipping through my untouched stack of home magazines. The TV was either on a cooking or comedy program. I napped, a lot. It didn’t take a snowstorm or an illness to make me stop and relax. I created the space for it, and I loved it.

My family room is quite cozy and relaxing. I usually plop myself on the couch with the dog and watch something at night after I’ve done my work. But I actually enjoyed the room in broad daylight and took it all in. I admired the space. I appreciated it. I let the energy in, and it was quite soothing. Enjoying the comfort of my own home is something I want to do more of.

That is my wish for you in the New Year — some quiet time, relaxing in your comfortable home.

Instant tidings of comfort and joy

Take advantage of after-holiday and January white sales and replace these items. These small, affordable changes can make a big difference in your day and night.

• Fresh towels for the bathroom and kitchen
• Bed in a Bag set for an instant bedroom makeover
• New pillows for the bed
• New kitchen sponge
• New Teflon pans if yours are chipped or scratched
• New toothbrush
• Clean out your closets and drawers. Donate what you don’t need.
• Clear the energy of your home by smudging (instructions here)

Next column: The 2016 colors of the year.