Preparing for nesting at home

September feels like the start of a new year whether dealing with a school schedule or not. My family’s back to school days have ended yet it still feels like it’s time for a fresh start without the January pressure of New Year resolutions.


A typical September week in the Hudson Valley area of New York can be filled with all seasons rolled into one. A hot day turns cold then back to warm and humid then chilly. Summer quickly disappeared. Since the week before Labor Day, my calendar has filled with consultations. Even though there is still beautiful fall weather to be enjoyed, tt’s time to start thinking of getting the house ready for comfortable cold weather nesting.

Mums and pumpkins are everywhere. As the hibiscus flowers continue to bloom in my window box and planter in front of my own house, I’ve added a fall wreath to the front door and mums. It’s a multi-season time of year whether you hold onto the last bits of summer fun or turn your attention to the interior of the house.

Here are a few suggestions to start the nesting process:

Schedule a service tune-up for the furnace. While you’re at it, replace all air conditioning filters. Close off and disconnect the hose after watering season is over so the pipes don’t freeze. Stock up on batteries and check flashlights.

The ceiling fan can save energy by pushing rising heat back into the room. Most models have a switch that reverses the direction of the blades. Clockwise is for cool weather and counterclockwise for the summer.

Dress your bed in layers. Choose thicker fabrics blankets for layering. For the living-family room, have a selection of warm, cozy throws for everyone to snuggle under while relaxing.

Access your closet contents as the season changes. Items that have not been worn can be donated. Access kitchen cabinets and pantry. Check expiration dates of food items and spices. Replace or discard worn out utensils, dated and expired items.

Hang string lights to give your home a warm glow. This will transition well for the upcoming holidays. The mini lights look beautiful nestled into any large glass container or incorporated into a table-scape.

During the day, open the window treatments to let in the sunlight and warmth. Utilizing natural energy is a cost-effective way to keep warm during the winter months.

Asking the question via Facebook on what to do to prepare for the cooler temperatures, a popular, funny answer is switching from white wine to red wine. Cheers to a cozy nesting season.