Reclaimed Wood Adds Texture and Warmth to Walls

A few years ago I featured Stikwood in this newspaper column after seeing the product at the Architectural Digest Home and Design Show. In a high-tech world, people are craving more natural elements inside. Stikwood makes the high-design trend of bringing the outside in more accessible. 

Stikwood is the world’s first Peel & Stick reclaimed wood and sustainable wood planking. Founded in 2012 by Jerry and Laura McCall. As an innovator in the woodworking industry and a master woodworker himself, Jerry has long understood the pivotal role technology plays in reducing waste and protecting our natural environment. Jerry’s deep appreciation of reclaimed wood’s distinct ability to transform décor naturally led him to utilizing wood planking which traditionally has been a labor-intensive and costly endeavor. Armed with 30 years experience, Jerry developed Stikwood.

Stikwood products include Peel and Stick wood planking and wall art ideal for the commercial and residential design markets. Made from reclaimed wood and sustainable woods sourced from various locations in the U.S., Stikwood products boast the natural beauty that only time and the forces of nature can provide.


Master bedroom with reclaimed wood accent wall and grey bed
Stikwood peel and stick reclaimed wood panels used as an accent wall in the master bedroom of Sal Sparta and Vicky D’Amato.
Photo Credit: Claudia Jacobs

Innovative ways to use reclaimed wood

The Peel & Stick 1/8” panels make it easy to have wood design element beyond the floors.

Recently, I worked with a couple that was interested in using it. After walking through their beautiful home, Sal Sparta and Vicky D’Amato had a few ideas of where to use it. Keeping form and function in mind, we found the perfect spot.

Vicky says, “ We wanted a fresh new look for our master bedroom. I came across Stikwood and knew it would look great in our bedroom as an accent wall behind our bed.”

After reviewing the different options on the Stikwood website, the couple chose Sierra Silver for the accent wall. Once ordered, the Stikwood arrived in about 2 weeks, as promised by customer service. The pieces arrived in a few small boxes, nothing too heavy. The boxes contained an assortment panels in various lengths and colors.

Because the Stikwood is self adhesive, literally peel and stick, installation was easy. The only tools needed were a box cutter blade and black electrical tape that was used for the knotholes. Before installing, Sal suggested to paint the wall a color close to the color of your choice of Stikwood because there are some small gaps between the planks. It only took 5 hours in total to install Stikwood on one wall of the bedroom.

Sal and Vicki loved the results so much I returned to review where they could use it again. They decided to purchase more Stikwood to use in their Dining Room.


Wood, anyway you like it

There are 5 species: Pine, Redwood, Douglas Fur, Oak, Maple and 50 styles to choose from. It can be applied in any pattern (herringbone, chevron, horizontal, vertical). It updates the look of your home by adding texture and warmth to a space.


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