September Nesting

September has always been the beginning of a New Year for me. January pressure for resolutions at a seasonally depressing time of year is something I never connected with. But September, ah sweet September, a time of new beginnings, cooler temperatures, and my birth month.

Getting ready for winter and hibernation is a natural transition for fall. I find myself refreshing items throughout my home. This is a good time to replace the basics: bed pillows, mattress covers, towels, etc. Donate any unwanted bedding and towels to a local animal shelter.

old truck toy with hello fall in the back

Purge personal care and household items you don’t use and will probably never use. Makeup, once opened, is good for a year. I plan on getting my makeup done and buying a new palette to go with my new hair color. I should say, not new but natural as I embrace the gray.

For a deeper dive, I started going through a file cabinet and boxes of papers that moved with me when I downsized. Besides walking down memory lane, manufacturer warrantees and instruction booklets of items that no longer exist or associated with my former house got recycled. My shredder is getting a full workout.

Nesting, organizing, and refreshing feels amazing. The only thing we can control is our own personal space. By taking whatever action steps, even baby steps, to create a comfortable environment to live in has a ripple effect in every area of your life.