Stories Preserved for Generations to Come

Preserving your family history is about remembering those who are most precious to us. When family and friends are gathered to reminisce and relate stories handed down from parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, something magical happens. It is as if those who have gone are there with you.

Susan Valentine of Stories Preserved brings your family and friends together to experience and record the sharing of your stories, your parent’s stories, your values and beliefs, joys and successes. Stories of how you came through the tough stretches and celebrated the best of times.

As a professional stager, consulting with homeowners as they prepare their house for sale, we come across family heirlooms and photos. Stories Preserved is a creative option to hold those items and memories dear to your heart without taking up physical space in your home.

The creative process starts with a one-hour consultation to interview all participating family members for a ‘get to know you’ session to create a vision for the type of project it will be. Actual interviews are recorded and transcribed. Depending on the nature of your project it will be creatively woven into an engaging written narrative, video or audio.

From the recordings, Valentine creates a manuscript for all to review before creating your custom designed book and eBook to read, hold, treasure, and pass down to future generations.

“Your stories matter”, Valentine explains. “Your stories pass down your experiences that can teach and inspire future generations. You will also give that teenager 20 years from now a glimpse of history, an understanding of the times you lived through. A photo or a line on a family tree will tell that young person that you were here. Your stories will tell them who you were. As a personal historian, my purpose is to give you something uniquely your own to read, to treasure, and to pass down to the generations to come.”

What to do with all of your family photos?

Person holding old black and white family photo
Image from Metro Creative

The photographs can be scanned in high resolution so they can be published in a book, or digital album. We can also restore most old/yellow photos to almost new. Of course, the degree of damage, like folds or tears will affect the outcome, but the photo will still be greatly improved. Then we can print and digitize them.

Other Services: Photo Restoration, Corporate/Business Histories, Pet Adventure Books and Videos, Legacy Letters, Gift books for Special Occasions (Birthdays, vacations, holidays, anniversaries and more). Gift Certificates Available.

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