The Closet…Dress to Impress Yourself

Within the first weeks of Quarantine, I completely overhauled my closet. This included all articles of clothing, handbags and accessories. There are piles of donations in waiting for once we re-open.

Women with close on a hanger

When I did the closet purge, it was still wintery weather which lingered till recently and now we are in a new season. My wardrobe of yoga pants is turning into shorter lengths and summer dresses. Comfort is key as I try to look like I’m not wearing pajamas even though that is how I want to feel.

Revisiting clothing pieces I have not worn in over a year if ever. There is the realization how few items I actually wear regularly beyond the quarantine. I ask myself, “How do I want to dress even when the only one to impress is myself?” The reality is I feel better when I look better and feel comfortable.

Hair’s the problem

A few years ago, I worked with Image Consultant, Scarlett DeBease of Scarlett Image. It was quite eye opening to find out what colors I should be wearing and what colors to avoid. I look best in earth tones, not bright colors or white. It’s funny, I never liked the way I looked in a white top. I’ll wear white jeans but not a white top. It washes me out. Busy prints overwhelm me. The few prints I own are very small in scale.

Like many, I now have gray roots and embracing it. How does that effect how I dress? I asked Scarlett for her guidance.

“Grey skies are going clear up, but it will be awhile till the grey hairs popping up on our heads will fade, or should they? These days of staying home and hair salons being closed, give the perfect opportunity to finally see the real you, roots and all. If you have blue, hazel, or green eyes, grey hair can look absolutely fantastic. If you do not want to bring attention to your grey roots, avoid wearing the color grey near your face, embrace hats, and be brave enough to color your own hair at home. If that doesn’t work out, you’ll really love wearing hats”, says Scarlett.

Scarlett suggests stepping into your closet like you are evaluating a relationship. She says, “Ask yourself which of your clothes and shoes are doing you wrong? If some are too clingy or hurtful, then please breakup with them and get them out of your home”. For more info and great tips, check out or call 914-441-0756.

Being comfortable in your own skin, roots and all

If you don’t love it, wear it or if it’s uncomfortable, get rid of it. Marie Kondo each item and ask, “Does is spark joy?”. No? Then let it go! I will be combing through my closet again in this new season with a new hair color as I approach a big birthday this fall. This brown eyed girl will go gray and stick to earth tones and wear gray tops. There will be pops of colors in my accessories which also includes a mask. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Favorite closet investment: Felt hangers! Every item hangs neatly and does not fall off the hangers. They are available in most stores.