Thoughts of spring flowers and greenery

The weather may not allow us to easily think it is spring, but we are close. Back to back Nor’easters have been a struggle to deal with, as winter tightens it grip. Spring begins March 20. My dreams are filled of spring flowers and golf.

To shake off the dead of winter, I purchased a few fresh live plants to brighten my home. In my family room was a plant that was clinging for life. That is bad Feng Shui. Plants should be healthy and thriving. It has been replaced with a healthy peace lily plant. A beautiful blue hydrangea plant will live indoors adding a pretty pop of color until it is safe to plant outside.


Feng Shui houseplants

Houseplants help activate positive energy in your home or office while purifying the air. A new plant symbolizes a healthy beginning for you and your family. Plants counteract negative energy and allow connection to the outdoors.

Faux silk plants are acceptable to living plants but be sure to dust them regularly and replace them once faded. These are used regularly in my stagings to add a pop of color.

Lucky bamboo is easy to grow. The Pachira money tree is believed to bring good luck. Whatever plant you choose to live with, always choose lush, healthy plants and remove dying plants and leaves, as they will generate negative energy.

The birthday month bouquet


What do you get someone who really doesn’t need anything? This was my situation last year for my mother’s 80th birthday party. I wanted to get something special, but what?

There was a painting hanging on the wall in the guest room of my aunt and uncle’s house near Chicago. It was a painting of a vase of different flowers. My aunt explained it was a commissioned painting of the flowers of her mother’s children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. This inspired the gift for my mother.

I contacted artist Nancy Reed Jones of Walden to paint the flowers representing the birth month of my parents, my brother, my children and myself. I researched the flowers for each of our birth months and a painting grew from this idea. My mother has a timeless spring bouquet that represents our family.

Nancy Reed Jones also does commissioned paintings of landscapes, pets’ and peoples’ homes. She can have pillows made to match the paintings for a custom decorating touch.

Surrounding yourself with the things you love, and bringing a bit of the outdoors inside your home can greatly improve your quality of life. It is good Feng Shui and looks pretty.

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