Tips to transition into autumn

This fall seems to be more like summer. It’s hot then chilly then hot again. Change is definitely in the air even though summer is lingering. This is the optimum time to get ready for nesting season. Here a few suggestions that may inspire you.

Too much stuff

 Living room of 776 Jackson Avenue, New Windsor staged by Claudia Jacobs Designs featuring painting by local artist Julie Rivera Saltzberg.
Living room of 776 Jackson Avenue, New Windsor staged by Claudia Jacobs Designs featuring painting by local artist Julie Rivera Saltzberg.

Being a Realtor for so many years and accessing so many homes, it never fails to amaze me how some live. They just buy and buy and buy! The closets are overflowing; their home is a mess. While visiting Portugal recently, I could not help but admire how people live. Their homes may be old and at times even in need of repair on the outside but the inside is spotless. You can tell they value everything little thing they have with their attention to detail. It was a real eye opener.

For my home, I have been getting rid of things because less is better. I am also changing up some of the area rugs, switching things around, new bed covers, taking things down, relocating things to another room. Just like a child with toys, they get tired of same old things to play with, well, I get tired of same old things to look at, store way, bring back another day or just give it to my kids.

~Yara Roussos of Cuddebackville

Fall Cleaning

I start with cleaning. My house doesn’t seem to get that really good cleaning all summer because I’m so busy doing outdoor fun things. So in my house before you smell the apple and cinnamon you’ll smell Clorox! This might also be habit because growing up we always scrubbed the house down for Rosh Hashanah.
~Penny Mires

The fall switch

We trade the screen door for a glass storm door; exchange sheer curtains for drapes and will soon cover the air conditioners as part of the transition from summer to fall. Eventually we put away the patio furniture, but not yet. ~Sharon MacGregor of Bloomingburg

Wardrobe reality check

Most women have more clothes in their closets than they would ever wear so that is why they do the tedious bi-annual task of switching out closets when temps dip or start to soar. When she whittles down to what she actually wears, looks good in and loves to wear, odds are she will never have to switch out again. The only exception is closets less than 3 feet wide. Let’s face it; most are wearing the same clothes over and over again, right? Many tops these days can be worn for 3 seasons, as they can be layered or removed for hot flashes and higher temps. The downside of switching out clothes, and possibly storing them in attics, basements or under various beds in the house is that you forget what you have and lose opportunities to wear something when the temperature is higher or lower than usual.
~Scarlett Sabo De Bease, owner of Scarlett Image

Happy fall y’all!