Trends in window treatments

When it comes to window treatments, personal taste, style of home and privacy are considerations for selection. As a professional stager, I’m usually suggesting my clients remove heavy window treatments and layers of coverage before listing their home for sale. Why? Those layers hide the architectural features of the home. 

Barbara Grattan of Home Sweet Home Designs in Walden (845-778-1999), a Window Specialist, shares her expertise on how to find the right coverage for your home.

“After doing window design for 30 plus years I have seen many trends. These days the look is simple and functional. The drapes are straight and crisp in design and provide privacy, energy conservation and a nice accent to your room. Gone are the heavy valances and layered fabric. If a valance is appropriate, it is simple and can be accented with banding and or pleats to make it pop”, says Grattan.

Women siting next to a window staring out of it smiling
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“Often on my first appointment I ask my clients why they want window coverings. The answer varies for the look, privacy and temperature control. The possibilities for one or all of these are available in varied solutions”, says Grattan.

Draw drapes no longer look like Grandma’s house. The materials, rods and ways to finish off the top of drape create a modern look. This supplies a beautiful décor choice with the ability to close for privacy and insulation from heat or cold. With the addition of a thermal lining you have an extra layer of protection from UV rays and drafts.

Drapery rods have systems that glide and easy to operate. Contemporary rods come in many finishes and colors becoming an extension of the design, the jewelry of the window treatment.

Blinds are an economical and efficient solution to energy conservation. 2-inch blinds allow you to open for a view and close for privacy while controlling sun in your room. If sun is an issue, I recommend a composite type blind. In some brands, you can’t tell them from wood and there is no discoloration or cracking from sun.


Shades come in many varieties

Roller shades for room dimming and darkening with side channels to eliminate all the light are available. Ease of raising and lowering takes the fear out of operations.

For sun control, a solar shade with many choices of materials give the ability to see out. Light control comes in 1% to 10%, the larger the number the more light allowed in and the more view to the outside. Downside of these are they give minimum privacy.

Cellular shades are the most UV and privacy control choice. Shades stack up on window when open and don’t detract from your view. Blackout and translucent are options in this style. Another option is top/down bottom up, giving you the ability to lower shade to see out halfway as well as close for full window coverage.

The possibilities are endless with sheers, woven and sliding panels. On a safety note most shades come with a cordless option.

With Smart technology, motorization is available from anywhere. Programmable shades give you the ability to close and open shades on your schedule for light, privacy and security.


Claudia Jacobs is a professional home stager, decorator and owner of Claudia Jacobs Designs in Newburgh. Visit or call 845-294-8993. Send questions and photos to