Portraits of your favorite pet

When you meet an artist who hands you a business card and instantly fall in love with a painting of a dog on the card, you want to know more. That is exactly what happened when I met artist Robert Lucy of Woodstock.

Lucy says, “I’ve been painting full time professionally for over 25 years. I got my BFA and MFA from the school of the Art Institute of Chicago. About 6 years ago, a client asked me to paint his black pug Smudge in the manner of one of my paintings that he had purchased. Then someone else asked me to do the same. Eventually I realized that the universe was guiding me. I have always loved animals and have really loved turning my focus to painting them.”

Painting portraits is a way for Lucy to be of service to the people who want to have paintings of the people and animals that make them feel love. Upon viewing his website, www.robertlucycom, each animal portrait is filled with love. You can just sense the personality of each animal whose owner wanted them captured in paint on canvas.

“Our dog Ruby died 3 years ago, a year after we moved to Woodstock and I made a portrait of her for my husband. Now we are able to look at her and think of her everyday. I also painted a portrait of our dog Sally. She is our rescue rat terrier who we adore.”

Anyone anywhere can commission a portrait. All Lucy needs is a great photo and a mailing address!

Collecting artwork

Buy art that you love and surround yourself with it to provide you with enjoyment on a daily basis. There will be no denying the connection when you find the right piece for your home.

“The Hudson Valley is home to many incredibly talented artists. They are here raising families and building a life for themselves and making all of our lives richer in the process. Anyone who wants to connect with the artists in their area should get in touch with their local arts council. We can connect you with artists like Robert Lucy who work with their clients to preserve memories through art. It’s an investment in life”, Dawn Ansbro, Executive Director of
Orange County NY Arts Council